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Beef & Lamb farms in Indiana:

grass fed beef,
natural & grass fed lamb, natural beef,
also farm visits by appointment

   Indiana farmers - list your grass fed beef or lamb here!
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 BryrPatch farm by appt natural grass fed beef (fall) AngolaIN    
 Willow Pond Farm farm natural grass fed beef ArgosIN    
 Schacht Fleece Farm farm-appt, FM natural grass fed lamb BloomingtonIN    
 Royer Farm Fresh Beef, .. farm natural grass fed beef (various cuts), lamb(sausage, chops..) ClintonIN    
 Stonewall Farm farm by appt natural grass fed beef and lamb (Apr-Nov) EvansvilleIN    
 Windswept Farm Indy delivery grass-fed lamb (half/whole =25/50 lbs, Sept-Nov) (delivery to Indy area or pickup) LadogaIN    
 Apple Family Farm farm store grass fed lamb/veal & Highland beef McCordsvilleIN    
 Meadow Oaks Angus farm by appt naturally-raised, grassfed beef & lamb (cuts/half/whole) (52mi NW of Lafayette) MoroccoIN    
 Gordon's Beef farm by appt grass fed Angus beef (cuts from hlf/whole at $2/lb 2013) Nov-Dec (20mi S of Terre Haute) ShelburnIN    
 GuseBerries farm stand freezer beef (hormone-free, antibiotic free) qtr/half/whole WanatahIN    
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