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Beef & lamb farms in Colorado:

grass fed beef,
natural & grass fed lamb, natural beef,
also farm visits by appointment

   Colorado farmers - list your grass fed beef or lamb here!
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 Colorado Sustainable Farms farm by appt all natural grass-fed & finished beef (cuts, qtr/half/whole) (35mi NE of Colo.Springs) CalhanCO    
 Bare Bottom Ranch farm pastured, milk-fed lamb (preorder half/whole) CalhanCO    
 Davis Family Farm farm natural free-range beef, lamb (spring) Canon CityCO    
 Lukens Farms farm, *u-pick grass fed, natural beef (qtr/half/whole) all year, tours (30mi N of Ft Collins) CarrCO    
 Villard Ranch farm natural grass fed lamb CraigCO    
 Dragonfly Churros farm freezer lamb DeltaCO    
 Black Forest Dorpers farm all natural grass fed lamb (by the half/whole) (40mi SE of Denver's E-470) ElbertCO    
 North Fork Katahdins farm natural, pastured Katahdin lamb (18mi E of Hwy50/Delta via Hwy 92) HotchkissCO    
 Monroe Organic Farms farm natural grass fed beef KerseyCO    
 Buffalo Groves farm grass fed buffalo, bison hides, buffalo breeding stock KiowaCO    
 Ewe Bet Ranch farm by appt lamb meat LovelandCO    
 Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch farm grass-fed, natural beef (no antibiotics) paks/qtr/half/whole, custom, ranch tours, Hwy34 LovelandCO    
 Sangres Best farm, FM all natural, grass-finished beef (no antibiotics; various cuts/bulk) COSprings pickup pts WestcliffeCO    
 Windsor Dairy farm store 100% grass fed, certified organic beef, various cuts, farm tours WindsorCO    
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