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Beef farms in South Wisconsin:

grass fed beef
natural & grass fed lamb, natural beef,
farm visits, and near Milwaukee & Madison

   South Wisconsin farmers - list your grass fed beef or lamb here!
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 Gaffney Family Cattle farm grass & grain fed Angus beef (no growth promoting hormones used), pieces/qtr/half BarneveldWI    
 Circle M Market Farm farm by appt natural grass fed beef & lamb BlanchardvilleWI    
 Linden Springs Farm farm natural grass fed lamb Blue RiverWI    
 Prairie Bluff Farm farm certified organic 100% grass fed beef (limited, qtr & 25lb variety boxes) Mount HorebWI    
 A-Z Farm farm store natural grass fed lamb OregonWI    
 Ney's Big Sky ship nationwide all natural, free range, certified organic Angus beef (packs/qtr/half/whole), & buffalo SlingerWI    
 BSW Farm farm natural, grass fed Park White beef, bison, lamb (cuts, qtr/half) (30mi S of Milwaukee) Union GroveWI    
 Coulee View Family Farm farm by appt grass fed lamb WauzekaWI    
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