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Beef, lamb farms in California:

grass fed beef,
natural & grass fed lamb, natural beef,
also farm visits by appointment

   California farmers - list your grass fed beef or lamb here!
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 Old Creek Ranch farm natural 100% grass-fed beef/lamb (certified organic) CayucosCA    
 Howling Oak Ranch farm by appt natural grass fed lamb DunniganCA    
 Double-Bar-O Angus Ranch ranch grain-fed prime beef (no hormones/antibiotics) qtr/half/whole EspartoCA    
 Marble Peaks Ranch farm by appt grass-fed, delicious, natural lamb (no added hormones/antibiotics) (30 mi SW of Yreka/I5) EtnaCA    
 Scott River Ranch ranch 100% organic and grass-fed beef EtnaCA    
 Casa Rosa Farms farm, FM grass fed beef & lamb, packs & various cuts (Oakland or farm pickup) MaderaCA    
 3V Cattle Company farm naturally raised grass fed Angus beef (qtr/half/whole) MiddletownCA    
 Tara Firma Farms farm store, CSA natural, aged, grass fed beef (various cuts), meat/produce CSA,tours (delivery to SF.Bay) PetalumaCA    
 Rainbow Ranch Farms farm, delivery 100% grass-fed, natural beef (no grain, Dexter/Hereford/Angus) chilled for pickup/delv Pinon HillsCA    
 Silva Star Farm farm by appt pastured lamb (whole) SebastopolCA    
 Jenner Family Beef delivery natural, grass-fed premium Angus beef (various cuts) (delivery to Scott Val./Yreka) Siskiyou coCA    
 Foothill Grassfed Meats farm, delivery natural, grass fed Angus beef (qtr/half/whole, organic pastures) (32mi E of Modesto) SnellingCA    
 Yolo Land and Cattle Co farm, FM 100% grass fed, natural Angus beef (cuts, qtr/half/whole), jerky (20mi NW of Sacramento) WoodlandCA    
 Wind Dancer Ranch farm, delivery naturally raised, pastured Navajo-Churro lamb (hlf/whole)(EastBay,Peninsula,I80 delivery) Yolo countyCA    
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